Ep 02

Hestia is the purple diva that Suzume's Pata-Pi, Francesca has transformed after Suzume forces her Pati-Pi Francesca to transform due to her jealousy towards Hibari and her Pata-Pi, Densuke who transformed into Aphrodite to fight Jun. It makes it's appearance in Ep 2: Black Comet and is the second diva to be awaken after Aphrodite.


Hestia resembles Suzume and she has short fluffy neck periwinkle hair with a full fringe and two short and long single fringe on her head and pink eyes. Like Aphrodite, Hestia wears a purple armor leotard under a black turtleneck suit with dark purple belt to her waist, purple and yellow shoulder pauldrons, purple and yellow wrist protectors and purple and white knee-high armor boots. She has a large purple and white shaft on her back and wields the purple shaft that resembles a band shield where it activates her glowing barrier as her helmet is similar to Aphrodite's but have two pointed cannons on each side of her helmet.

In the OVA version, when fuses with Suzume after it's not seen in the anime series with Tsugumi and Kamome, her appearance has minor changes similar to Aphrodite's. Her armor leotard is now violet and green, her shoulder pauldrons and wrist protectors are now yellow and her armor boots is now violet, white and green. Her shaft on her back and her helmet is now violet and white. Her shaft is now violet instead of purple.

Fighting CapacityEdit

Hestia has superhuman strength and is able to knock the avatar with one elbow. In some occassions she is able to deflect the enemy's attacks with her purple shaft and is able to use sonic waves to ensnare the avatar while being immobilize from the barrier that she created as well as to shoot white lasers that can affect the interior of the avatar's machines.

When fusing with Suzume, she appears as a supportive and intellectual character to the group and she was seen using a multi-colored barrier to protect her friends from being attacked and creates a barrier from her violet shaft that seals the enemy's attack as well as to shoot lasers to her opponents coming from her two pointed cannons on her helmet. She also gains a pink detonating device while carrying its controller which she uses to detonate most of the computers that disturbs Crane's deep sleep.

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