Paradise Lost
Season 1, Episode 24
Air Date August 12, 1998
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Ep 23: The Altar City
Ep 25: The Trip Begins

Is the twenty fourth episode of Cyberteam in Akihabara.

Hibari in her advanced diva state managed to survived the blast and to escape Hisho and her diva armies' line of defines much to the surprise of both Christian and Cigogne and demands to save her prince Crane from them. Christian then distracts her by summoning the skeleton homunculi as she easily managed to defeat them. Therefore, Christian sacrifices his friend Cigogne and became an Apostolus as she defeats him after he retreated.

Christian then reunites with Crane after his 500th birthday (although his age is 475) and seeing that Crane is also make tricks by using homonculi. After Cigogne was defeated by Hibari, she finally diffuses with Densuke due to her weak state and she goes to find her prince. She discovers that they have rooms for the five of them and had name plates on them. Christian and Crane are having a conversation until he became a sociopathic to him and he creates a barrier which it connects to the electricity and it was cut off. Until he finally reveals his true motives that he let the divas to be awaken like alarm clocks and he waited to awake them one by one and he serves him well. Christian angrily devastated to his actions after all stating that his dream will came true and it was never his own even he sacrifices both Takashi and Cigogne. Knowing it is not a joke of what Crane says, Crane angrily had enough of him and wants to separate apart only to be gunpointed by Christian with his handgun who ages rapidly due to rapid aging. However, Hibari discovers their confrontation as she watches to see them in a shock. Christian begins to age rapidly as he tries to shoot Crane with his handgun. Crane ignores this as Christian pulls the trigger and it was nothing and it turns out that Crane gets the bullets due to the dimensional distorter. All Crane wanted was to suffer Christian calmly even he rapidly ages and Christian realizes that Crane chooses Hibari instead of him for companionship and tells him to remember him by as he's dying and Crane calmly states "Rest in peace, old man." as he dies in old age and his deceased body disappears in front of Crane. Hisho later senses his master was fallen and decides to join him by killing herself and falls on the ground in explosion making Tsubame worried to Hibari while Shimabukurou along with Kamome, Tsugumi and Suzume finally arrived at school. Crane then reunites with Hibari who finally calls her his Anima Mundi.

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Hibari became shocked when the girls arrive to see her after the incident as the Primum Mobile leaves for 165 days as Crane promised to them.

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