Present's Illusions
Season 1, Episode 22
Air Date August 29, 1998
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Ep 21: Recall
Ep 23: The Altar City

Is the twenty second episode of Cyberteam in Akihabara. This episode takes place in how Christian Rosenkreutz forms his secret society and the creation of the elixir as well as their true motives.

The episode begins where the girls are in Kamome's house as Kamome's grandfather, Shimabukurou Sengakuji reveals that he is once the member of the Rosenkreutz' secret society while in Akihabara school, Washuu (Christian Rosenkreutz in disguise) and Cigogne are talking about the past before he founded his secret society.

In 1541, Christian's physical appearance was a 31 year old long-haired man as he and the doctorate alchemist, Paracelcius created an elixir to make it immortal as well as to regain it's youth. Once they drink the elixir, Christian succeeds to regain his youth but Paracelcius who assists him became intoxicated as his skin shows to melt his body into liquid much to his horror and it was unfortunate not to become immortal like he is and was ultimately die from poison as his body was melted away into a liquid.

At 1742, this where he meets Cigogne to form his secret society while he's masquerading in France. In 1898, this is where they meet Crane Van Streich and once became the member of their society which is focus on science and technology. However, when Crane discovers that Christian wants the Metatron for his own purposes, he takes the Metatron with him in space and lives in suspended animation for hundreds of years and the ancient satellite forms into Primum Mobile.

Shimabukurou knows their secrets after telling them that their principal was Christian Rosenkreutz as well as the forms that they been attacked by homunculi, the avatar, the apostolus and awakening the divas which Tsubame tells them about it. In 1964, in Shimabukurou's prime in his college years, he once worked with Christian's secret society until he found out their true motives they been after in three years which is the Primum Mobile the archangel, Metatron.

He also knows that Christian uses the three crazy ladies, Jun, Miyama and Hatoko to hunt down the girl with the Pata-Pi which is seen in the previous episodes to synchronize and awaken the divas as well as the Astral Fusion which is the complete synchronization of the divas by fusing with a diva and the true Anima Mundi.

He knows that both Crane and Christian plans to developed the Astral Fusion where Hibari and Tsubame having fused with their divas. The girls then knows their motives and it's time for them to stop their principal and his plans.

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