Season 1, Episode 19
Air Date August 8, 1998
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Ep 18: Hell
Ep 20: When the Wings Spread

Is the nineteenth episode of Cyberteam of Akihabara.

The episode begins where Takashi finally leaves Akihabara including his "father" Washuu after revealing his true appearance as the clone of Crane Van Streich as he left his red-winged shape mask on his father's office desk.

During school time, Hibari tells Suzume, Kamome and Tsugumi about her transformation by Astral Fusion in which they were talking but unaware of her. Later on, Jun, Miyama and Hatoko are ready to attack the girls using their Apostolus suits while Takashi gives the teddy bear pin to Tsubame who fixes her Pata-Pi, Petit-Ange. When the girls faces them their Pata-Pis are now transforming into divas but their fight proves useless as the three divas are reverted back into Pata-Pis much of the girls shock. Hibari then faces Takashi who wants to fight her in their last battle as he summons a circle of flames and calls upon his most powerful Apostolus, Lucifer as he ascends in the dark and lighted up in a white light and transforms wearing a red and gold motif with devil wings and wields the flame sword. He wants to kill Hibari due to her affection towards Crane. Due to him as a clone he wants to steal his heart from Hibari as Aphrodite saves her by deflecting both hands with his flame sword. When the chaos continues, Hibari is then transformed into an advanced diva state by Astral Fusion much to their shock as well as the girls. The crazy ladies, Jun, Miyama and Hatoko then attacks Hibari but failed due to the barrier within her. They tell her about their affection and love of their master as they managed to corner her Jun tells Takashi to finish her off as he goes in a suicidal move by shooting the laser cannons from his chest as it hits in an explosion. Due to the barrier that Hibari as Aphrodite, it managed to destroy Jun, Miyama and Hatoko's Apostolus suit renders them unconscious and it weakens Takashi finally defeats them as Hibari and her Pata-Pi Densuke diffuses but in a weaken state. Takashi angrily wants to destroy Densuke as Hibari tells him don't do it. Takashi noticed that the suit he wears was a trap made by his father as his suit exploded from self-destruction and collapses on the ground and his last word is. "But how... how can you done this to me?" Takashi refers this was his "father" Washuu as he dies and his suit that wears is destroyed. Hibari sadly does not understand what is happening.

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After the incident, Erinyes appears and grabs the unconscious Jun, Miyama, Hatoko and Takashi with her as Hibari watches while handling Densuke in his damaged state. Tsubame watches after seeing that Hibari manage to defeat them in their final battle. Takashi is not seen after this episode and he was presumably killed after the battle with Hibari in her advanced diva state.

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