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Athena is the orange diva that Tsugumi's Pata-Pi Tetsuro has transformed and it's a third diva to be awaken after Aphrodite and Hestia after Tsugumi shows her intense fear against Jun's Cerberus. It makes it's appearance in Ep 03: Homunculus. In the anime series, She appears as a red diva instead of orange.


Athena resembles Tsugumi and has very long black hair and orange eyes. In the anime series, she appears to wear a red armor leotard under a black turtleneck suit with a purple belt to her waist, red and yellow pauldrons and  white and yellow wrist protectors and red and white armor boots. Her helmet is red and white with yellow face protector and has red metallic wings on her back.

In the OVA version, when Athena fuses with Tsugumi after it's not seen after the anime series along with Kamome and Suzume. Her armor leotard is now orange and green instead of red as she appears similar to Aphrodite has both of her pauldrons and wrist protectors are yellow and her armor boots is now orange, white and green and her red metallic wings is changed into fire angelic wings that resembles an orange jet-packed wings on her back and her helmet is now orange and white. 

Fighting CapacityEdit

Athena has superhuman strength and enables her heat generated abilities to defeat her opponents with either blazing mach punches or flaming kicks and more focus on close range and different melee attacks as well as grappling his opponent by lifting and throwing into the ground. In the OVA version when she was fused with Tsugumi due to her family background of martial artists, she appears as power and agile and enables her to defeat the giant homonculous with three powerful fire blows with one punch and two powerful kicks and can also lift and throw on her defeated opponent into the ground.

Transformation SequenceEdit

Tetsuro's transformation has only one sequence except the OVA version.

Tetsuro glows in a white light similar to the other Pata-Pi's they were chosen as it forms a body of a woman resembles Tsugumi in sillouette and forms her black turtleneck suit and red and white armored boots, wrist protectors, shoulder pauldrons and her red armored leotard as her red and white helmet is formed as yellow face protector forms in a flash of light and goes for a final pose in a fiery ease.

In the OVA version, Tsugumi fuses with Tetsuro as Athena to transform in her advanced diva state was off-screen as the rest of the girls are automatically transformed in their advanced diva state while wearing their kimonos.

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