Amphitrite is a green diva that Billiken has been transformed and it's the fourth diva to be awaken after the three divas, Aphrodite, Hestia and Athena. She appears in Ch 7 after Kamome convinces Billiken to transform into a diva by believing in herself and proclaims she was an Anima Mundi.


Amphitrite resembles Kamome who had back-length long blond hair which is curled in both sides of her hair and back and blue eyes. She wears a green and white armor leotard under a black turtleneck suit with a purple belt on her waist, green and yellow pauldrons on both of her shoulders, green wrist protectors with a yellow gem in the center of her wrists, and green and white armor boots. She wears a green and white helmet with a yellow face protector on her face and wields the green and white cannon.

In the OVA version, when fusing with Kamome in off-screen after it was not seen in the anime series along with Tsugumi and Suzume. Her appearance has minor changes as her pauldrons are yellow similar to Hibari and the others who fuses with their divas, and her armor leotard is now green and yellow. her armor boots is now green, white and yellow and her helmet is green and white.

Fighting CapacityEdit

Amphitrite is capable of defeating avatars in either close and long range using her laser cannon. It demonstrates this when it manage to incapacitate Jun's Cerberus using her laser cannon that switches from long range to close range as it turns into a laser chainsaw. In later episodes, it shoots laser blasts from her laser cannon towards her opponents as seen when it shoots Jun, Miyama and Hatoko in their apostolus suits, Astaroth, Asmodeus and Beelzebub respectively. In Ch 26 in Crane's control it manages to hurt Hibari and Tsubame in their advanced diva state when they were caught off guard by Hestia and Athena when Crane taunts them from commanding his divas.

In the OVA version when finally fuse with Kamome, she is very agile and using both close and long range against the giant homonculus that guards the Primum Mobile using her laser cannon.

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